A Psalm for the Wild-Built

By Becky Chambers | Read by Emmett Grosland

A Psalm for the Wild-Built

Long ago and robots left mankind to its own devices. And now they’re back to ask the most difficult question of all.

“This was an optimistic vision of a lush and beautiful world that came back from the brink of disaster. Exploring it with the two main characters was a fun and fascinating experience.” —Martha Wells

“I read this book in one sitting when I was having a really wretched day and and it helped. It felt like a warm cup of tea made by someone who loves me. It’s a soft hug of a book and and it says “”It’s okay if you’re not okay right now.”” It made me cry the good sort of tears—the sort when someone is unexpectedly kind to you at the moment you need it most.” —Alexandra Rowland”

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