Equal Partners

Kate Mangino

Equal Partners


From gender expert and professional facilitator Kate Mangino comes Equal Partners, an informed guide about how we can all collectively work to undo harmful gender norms and create greater household equity

“This book is a beautiful, engaging way to look at the modern family and Mangino works to dismantle gendered assumptions and replace them with structured decision making examples and case studies. A must read.”—Eve Rodsky, author of Fair Play

“Inclusive and accessible.”
—Anna Marie Johnson Teague, author of The Book of Dares

“A comprehensive guide. Every page offers an opportunity for action-oriented self-reflection.”
—Project Matriarchs

“Want to super-charge your relationship, role model respectful partnership for your children, and rev up the economy all at the same time? Then read Equal Partners and learn how to pushback on traditional gender norms.”
—W. Brad Johnson PhD and David G. Smith PhD, authors of Athena Rising

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