Husbands That Cook

More Than 120 Irresistible Vegetarian Recipes and Tales from Our Tiny Kitchen

Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin

Husbands That Cook

From the award-winning bloggers behind Husbands That Cook, a cookbook of never-before-seen vegetarian recipes inspired by the husbands' travel, relationship, and entertaining

Today more people are discovering the benefits of healthy eating and plant-based diets, and Ryan Alvarez and Adam Merrin, the authors behind the award-winning blog Husbands that Cook, are ready to show just how easy and delicious eating healthy can be.

Each chapter in Husbands That Cook is filled with inventive recipes that are so satisfying and flavorful that no one will miss the meat. In this all-purpose cookbook, you will find more than 120 new, unreleased recipes, including quick, easy, and flavorful meatless entrees, sides, breakfasts, drinks, and snacks; rich, chocolatey, decadent desserts; tasty and healthy vegan and gluten-free options; some of the husbands' favorite dishes from their travels around the world; and a few of the most beloved recipes from the blog.

Cooking has always been a central part of Adam and Ryan's relationship, and that's where a unique, narrative element comes into play. Many of the recipes in the book represent significant moments in their love story. From the Coconut Curry with Chickpeas and Cauliflower inspired by their first date at a shopping mall food court, to the Communication Breakdown Carrot Cake—one of their biggest kitchen disasters—many recipes are a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their relationship, accompanied by vibrant photography and helpful cooking tips to make sure your dishes turn out perfectly every time.

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