Spare Parts


Spare Parts


An original look at the history of medicine itself through the rich, compelling, and delightfully macabre story of transplant surgery from ancient times to the present day.

“Delightful and disturbing. A thoroughly engrossing read that I couldn’t put down.”
—Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris, bestselling author of The Butchering Art

“A joyful romp through a fascinating slice of medical history.”
—Wendy Moore, author of The Knife Man

“A riveting journey . . . filled with adventure, delight and surprise.”
—Dr. Rahul Jandial, surgeon and author of Life on a Knife’s Edge

“Compelling and impeccably researched.”
—Richard Hollingham, author of Blood and Guts

“Craddock combines meticulous scholarship with wry wit in lucid prose.”
—Dr. Roger Kneebone, author of Expert

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