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Laundry Love by Patric Richardson with Karin Miller

Patric Richardson, aka the “Laundry Evangelist”, reveals his revolutionary methods for cleaning clothes—and making laundry loads more fun.

Doing laundry is rarely anyone’s favorite task. But to Patric Richardson, laundry isn’t just fun—it’s a way of life. After years of running Laundry Camp at the Mall of America for thousands of eager learners, he's ready to share his tips, tricks, and hacks—bringing surprise and delight to this commonly dreaded chore.

Laundry Love will make you wonder why you ever stressed about ironing, dry cleaning, or (god forbid) red wine spills on your new couch. No matter the issue, Richardson is here to help you make laundry miracles happen—wrinkles and stains be damned.

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