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The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel Live & Virtual!

July 13th at 9:00 PM EST / 6:00PM PST


Join Clint McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, Travis McElroy, Carey Pietsch, and a few special guests (TBA) as they celebrate the release of the fourth graphic novel in The Adventure Zone Series, THE ADVENTURE ZONE: THE CRYSTAL KINGDOM. 

This free event will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube (at the links below) at 9:00 PM EST on Tuesday, July 13th. Join your fellow fans and chat about this event on social using #TAZGNLive

For the event exclusive, purchase a copy of THE CRYSTAL KINGDOM at any of the bookstores below to receive a signed bookplate and a pack of exclusive, new trading cards! 

Limited quantities are available. Each bookplate will be signed by one McElroy. A small quantity of bookplates will also have Carey’s signature. Requests for a specific bookplate can not be honored.

Coloring Page

Check out this event exclusive coloring page and share your creation on social media with the hashtag #TAZGNLive! We might just showcase your work during the live event. Download here:

Preorder Campaign

Don't forget you can also submit your receipt to get the lenticular kravitz sticker!

About The Authors


photo credit: Portraits to the People

Meet the McElroys! Clint was born first, which recent studies have shown is the best procedure for fathers and sons. Justin came along twenty-five years later, two weeks late, actually, which caused his mother, Leslie, some consternation and more than a little back pain. Three years to the day (yes, the very day) Travis came along, forever ruining Justin’s birthday, at least according to Justin. The decision was made to not have a third child born on November 8th, so Griffin arrived three-and-a-half years later on April 17th. There followed this decade and that, during which there was a lot of school, theater, broadcasting, video games, moving around the country and various and sundry monkeyshines. Then came a time for fewer monkeyshines, so a ton of marriages happened and people were added to the family branch. In the midst of all this begetting, podcasts began springing up in even greater abundance and their names were My brother My brother and Me (which spawned a popular tv show), sawbones, shmanners, rosebuddies, and a farcical romp called The Adventure Zone.


Carey Pietsch is a cartoonist based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her previous work includes drawing two arcs of the Lumberjanes series and the artwork for the Mages of Mystralia webcomic. Carey is also the author of Keepsakes and other original comics about magic and empathy. Along with brightening her workdays, The Adventure Zone got her to join a D&D campaign, where she’s currently playing a dragonborn sorceror who cares too much about romance novels.


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