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Connecting Citizens with the Rules of The Game

Beka Feathers with art by Kasia Babis

Re: Constitutions teaches the reader about the role constitutions play in how government is structured. With examples from all over the world, this book provides context for the modern issues that arise from these documents.

In order to coexist peacefully in society, humans must abide by certain norms, laws, and practices. But if we have different, conflicting ideas of who we are, what’s acceptable, and what rights we deserve, how do we agree on anything? By drafting a constitution; a document that lays out “the rules of the game.”  This guiding document reflects decisions that both create a foundation for a stable society, and shape the socio-political structures that inform and affect our daily lives.

From Beka Feathers, a legal adviser on post-conflict institution building, and Kasia Babis, an accomplished political cartoonist, comes a timely graphic novel all about the world's constitutions. Through examinations of what it means to have a national identity, rights, and protections, and with historical examples from all over the world, the reader is shown how a constitution shapes our political landscape and the modern world.


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About the Creators

Beka Feathers is a legal adviser on political development in conflict-affected states. Her writing is influenced by her work with clients and partners in more than a dozen countries, where she has helped to draft constitutions, design transitional governments, facilitate peace processes, and advocate for improved access to justice. She is a proud alumna of Lewis & Clark College, the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, and American University’s Washington College of Law. She lives with her talented, pun-loving wife and a suspiciously intelligent dog in Portland, Oregon.

Kasia Babis is a Polish cartoonist, illustrator and political activist with an online following of over 100,000 fans. Her viral comics succinctly skewer social issues ranging from racism to street harassment from a distinctly feminist perspective.