V’s Whirlwind Tour of the Digital Londons!

In A Darker Shade of Magic (which comes out on February 24th!!!) I have my hero flitting through magical doors to visit three different versions of London: There’s Red London, which flourishes with life and magic; Grey London, which has no magic but one very mad King; and White London, where people fight to control magic and the magic fights back.

While each of these three cities if full of its own twists, turns, and secrets—they are also full of blogs! Yes, each city is home to some very special blogs, and I will be embarking on a whirlwind tour through all of them starting on February 17th. Since, as my hero learns, it’s dangerous to linger, I’ll only have time to answer one question at each stop (though a small cup of tea might also be imbibed—I will be in a London, after all).

Want to follow me on this mad dash? Check out the schedule below! And know this: some blogs will be giving away a prize package of a copy of A Darker Shade of Magic and a double-sided poster (signed by me!) that features the US and UK covers.

You can also track me through twitter!

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February 17Vampire Book ClubRed London

February 18 — The Eater of Books — White London

February 19Icey BooksGrey London

February 20Effortlessly Reading Red London

February 21 – Cuddlebuggery – White London

February 22JessBella ReadsGrey London

February 23Istyria Book BlogRed London

February 24 — Stories and Sweeties — White London

February 25Please Feed the BookwormGrey London

February 26The Nerd Herd ReadsRed London

February 27 — Novel Heartbeat — White London

February 28The Flyleaf Review Grey London

March 1 — Addicted 2 Novels Red London

March 2 — Books, Bones, and Buffy — White London

March 3My Friends are FictionGrey London

March 4 — Super Space ChickRed London

March 5 — The Midnight Garden — White London

March 6Amaterasu ReadsGrey London

March 7Fiction FreakRed London

March 8 — The Escapist — White London

March 9Addicted ReadersGrey London

March 10Bookish AnticsRed London

March 11 — The Social Potato — White London

March 12 — Young Adult Hollywood — White London

March 13The Modge Podge BookshelfRed London

March 14 — A Dream Within A Dream — White London

March 15Fandom Monthly MagazineGrey London

March 16The Nocturnal LibraryRed London

March 17 – Reading with ABC – White London

March 18Moonlight Gleam ReviewsGrey London

March 19Book MunchiesRed London

March 20 – Poisoned Rationality – White London

March 21Blood BookaholicGrey London

March 22Live to ReadRed London

March 23 — There Were Books Involved — White London

March 24 — My Bookish Ways — Only time will tell…

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